We are a team of industrial property agents with proven experience and the capacity necessary to provide an efficient, warm, honest, and responsible service.

We offer comprehensive guidance and accompaniment through the processes of trademark and invention patent registration as well as other intellectual property procedures, from the beginning to their granting and throughout their validity, both in Argentina and the rest of the world.
In order to do so, we work with a team of professionals who are specialized in different areas.

Tessy Barbat

I have been an IP Agent for 30 years and have broad experience across the different areas. I actively participate in workshops, courses, seminars, and conferences, both in this country and abroad. I have also given talks at prestigious Argentine universities and institutions.
I am a member of the Argentine Association of Intellectual Property Agents (Asociación Argentina de Agentes de la Propiedad Intelectual—AAAPI)
I speak Spanish and English fluently and have a good command of French. I enjoy being in touch with nature, painting on porcelain, singing, traveling, discovering new cultures, and mainly spending time with friends and family.

Marcela Arias

I have 25 years’ experience of professional practice in the area of intellectual property. I am a Systems Analyst, registered IP Agent, and member of the Argentine Association of Intellectual Property Agents(Asociación Argentina de Agentes de la Propiedad Intelectual— AAAPI). I have attended numerous conferences and seminars on topics related to IP in Argentina and Brazil. I speak Spanish, English, and Portuguese fluently.
I have always been drawn to activities around spiritual-quest and artistic expression like yoga, music, and dance that have accompanied me on my journey of personal growth.

We have been working together professionally for over 15 years,
mutually growing in confidence and complementing each of our personal and professional aptitudes.
That is why we decided to become associates and provide a service in line with our values and beliefs.

Accompaniment Commitment Values

We accompany our clients through the process of obtaining their trademarks and fully understand the importance they have as part of the identity of the products they sell or the services they offer.

We provide inventors the necessary guidance in order to protect the rights to their creations.

Our commitment to our clients, the community, and the environment is based on respect, honesty, and quality of service. We advocate and facilitate contact with other companies or entities that share our values.


We provide guidance and solutions to small and medium-sized companies, entrepreneurs,
and Argentine and foreign businesses according to their needs.


Protection and defense of Industrial and Intellectual Property.


Guidance and management throughout the registration process of trademarks, invention patents, utility models, industrial models and designs, and copyright.


Surveillance and custodial services.


Legal services.


Certified translation services.

We thank our clients for their continuous recognition and trust.

Get in touch! We think it is important that you know
the steps each process involves.

Holmberg 1585 – Ciudad de Buenos Aires – Argentina

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